Baby Activity Walker With Muscial Multi-Function

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Baby Walker Stroller Standing Walking Baby Stroller with Muscial Anti-Rollover Multi-Functional Trolley Toys for Toddlers Kids . (Size:42cm*34cm*45cm).

Material:ABS,it is ecofriendly,non-toxic and smell,fresh color and never fade off.
Applicable Peopple:Baby Boys Girls Toddlers Kids

Package Included:1 item

Do you trouble for that your baby has been falling all the time when he or she was learning to walk?There are some things might be right for you.The Baby Walker Stroller break the traditional single function of walker,more fun gameplay, accompanied by baby growth.Can let the baby lower limb free movement,legs pressure balanced,scientific walk,prevent "O" legs.So what are you waiting for?You could have one or more.

There are some installation guides.
# Step 1: the two legs of the walker into the main body;
# Step 2: adjust the installation of a good support legs will be placed on the handle of the main body of the two holes inserted into the hole;
# Step 3: Complete the installation of the supporting legs and handles;
# Step 4: Accessories in accordance with the appropriate location to install, can also be removed to the baby to play;
# Step 5: Installation is complete.

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